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Admission: Basic Education Department

  1. The enrolment of a student in St. Michael's College is taken as an expressed willingness on his/her part, and consequently his/her parents and/or guardians, to abide in all the rules and regulations of the school. Thus, the student and his/her parents are committed to the strict observance of the same.
  2. It is the duty and responsibility of the parents / guardians to keep track of the progress of their sons/daughters/wards in school. The parents / guardians are encouraged to confer with the school authorities at their own volition or whenever calls for conference are issued to them. This is to enhance the harmonious working relation between the school and the home for the welfare of the students.
  3. Parents and guardians may consult or confer with teachers and administrators provided that they secure permits through the Principal at least a day before the conference.
  4. St. Michael's College reserves the right to admit, re-admit, refuse or dismiss a student on the basis of his/her academic and/or conduct performance and attendance in accordance with the provisions of this Handbook and Administrative policies.
  5. St. Michael's College asserts itself in the exercise of its role in %u201Cloco parentis". This means that the school undertakes the expression of parental care and concern in the formation of its students.
  6. Parents, guardians or visitors are not allowed to go up to the classrooms without the permit issued by the Principal concerned.
  7. As a Catholic School, with Christian Living as the core of the curriculum, St. Michael's College expects that the students attend and participate actively in liturgical and spiritual exercises scheduled throughout the school year.
  8. Compulsory attendance for Non-Catholics and other sects in Christian Living classes, recollections, retreats, reach-out and other religious-related activities as reflected in the school policy contract which they signed upon enrolment.
  9. The rules and regulations as stated in this Handbook are intended to enhance the life of the students as they relate and interact with the members of the school community.
  10. School fees are payable in full, semestral, quarterly or monthly basis.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones inside the campus.


The school admits heterogeneous group of students with widely differing abilities, interests, religious affiliations, and socio-economic background.

Admission is granted with definite understanding that the student and his parents or guardians agree fully, subscribe without reservation to all policies, rules and regulations of the school.

No admission test is given to Toddler, Nursery and Kinder 1 pupil-applicants.



  • Interview with the Principal (Applicant must come together with his/her parent/guardian and bring the Report Card from the previous school attended.)
  • Duly filled-out Application for Admission Form
  • 2 pcs. 1"x1" ID pictures (recently taken)
  • Receipt of Testing Fee: P 50.00 for Kinder 2 applicants and P 100.00 for Grade 1 to Fourth Year applicants (pay to Cashier's Office)
  • Photocopy of Report Card
  • Pencil with eraser (Mongol 2) for Grade 1 to Fourth Year applicants
  • Recommendation of Principal/ Teacher/ Guidance Counselor from previous school attended (for High School applicants only)

  • Interview with the SPED Teacher ( Applicant must come with his/her guardian and bring the Diagnostic Assessment Report and Report Card, if the pupil/student has already attended regular classes)
  • Interview with the Principal/Academic Coordinator
  • Duly filled-out Application for Admission Form
  • 2 pcs. 1"x1" ID pictures (recently taken)
  • Receipt of Testing Fee: P 50.00 for Kinder 2 applicants and P 100.00 for Grade 1 to Fourth Year applicants (pay to Cashier's Office)
  • Photocopy of the Diagnostic Assessment Report and the Report Card
  • Pencil with eraser (Mongol 2) for Grade 1 to Fourth Year applicants
  • Recommendation of Principal/ Teacher/ Guidance Counselor from previous school attended (for High School applicants only)

  • Original copy of Report Card (Form 138)
  • Photocopied Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Satisfactory Rating of Admission Test
  • Medical Certificate (for special cases if necessary)
  • Diagnostic Assessment Report ( for SPED Inclusive Program enrollees only)
  • 1 pc. long brown envelope
  • Signing of Contracts by all non-Catholic and returnees through the Discipline Coordinator
  • Summerians (SMC students who took summer classes) shall submit summer grade/s upon enrolment. They shall be under academic probation.

FOREIGNERS/ALIEN have to submit the following to the Registrar:
  • Basic Requirements
  • Alien Certificate of Registration ( ARC )
  • Permit to study from the embassy/ consul of their respective countries


HIGH SCHOOL students who failed in subjects equivalent to three (3) units or more are retained in the same year level; in case of failure in any subject, the student must take Summer Classes. If the student fails to take summer class, he is advised to transfer to another school (ATT).

GRADE SCHOOL students who failed in three (3) major subjects (Mathematics, Science and Health, and Communication Arts) are retained in the same grade level.

  1. Present Report Card.
  2. A student who fails in a particular subject (with less than 3 units) has to take summer classes as per recommendation by the Class Adviser, Academic Coordinator and the Principal.
  3. Promotion to the next grade/year level will be based on his/her satisfactory marks during the summer class. Failure to take the summer class would mean NO ADMISSION.
  4. A student who consistently fails in three or more subjects equivalent to more than three units will be advised to transfer to another school.
  5. Students who transferred to another school and would like to come back may be re-admitted by passing the norms of admission for new students.


  1. A student who seeks admission must present his Form 138 or its equivalent and certificate of good moral character from the school last attended.
  2. Must have passed the norms of admission for new students.


  1. Admission is open to pupil/student-applicants from Toddler to Fourth Year level.
  2. A pupil/student-applicant together with his/her parent must go through an initial interview by the Principal or Academic Coordinator during the pre - screening phase.
  3. Upon passing the interview, the applicant will then proceed to the Guidance Center for his/her admission test schedule.
  4. Only those applicants who have duly accomplished application form and requirements will be given the admission test.
  5. Upon passing the admission test, the applicant will then proceed to the Registrar for enrolment.


Any student may withdraw from the school at any time during the school year by observing the following procedures:
  1. The student or his/her parents shall inform the Class Adviser.
  2. Class Adviser shall inform the Registrar's Office of the student's intent to withdraw from the school.
  3. A formal letter of withdrawal shall be submitted by the parents addressed to the Principal.
  4. Secure Clearance Slip from the same office.
  5. Have the clearance signed by all of the designated personnel.
  6. Settle accounts at the Finance Office.
  7. Form 137 shall be forwarded to the next school upon request.

A student who does not comply with the above rules for withdrawal will be considered dismissed from the school and no credentials shall be released. Furthermore, the student will be disqualified for future re-admission to St. Michael's College.


When a student registers, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year for Basic Education. A student who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or in any length of time longer than one month, who transfers or otherwise withdraws, must inform the Principal in writing. The following conditions are observed for refunds:

Ten percent (10%) before & within the first week of classes
Twenty percent (20%) Within the second week of classes
Fullanytime after the second week of classes

However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to justifiable reason, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance. (Sec. 66, MRPS 8th Ed. 1992).

St. Michael's College of Iligan City, a Catholic institution of higher learning in Iligan City, administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM), offering four levels of education: elementary, secondary, tertiary and graduate school.

Its programs are accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for 25 years, a silver triumph indeed!

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