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Research and Development Office

Research CenterIn this unpredictable global economy, research and extension office commits to intensive knowledge-based research with social responsibility to environmental issues and social contributions.


A Center for Excellence in Research and Development (R & D in the pursuit of academic freedom and social transformation.


To be accessible, responsive, service-oriented and inclusive unit for the delivery of excellent service that improve the opportunities of academic community stakeholders and the lives of surrounding community.

Goals and Objectives

To live the vision and mission, the office shall endeavor to:

Research Center

  • Promote volunteerism, citizenship and leadership in the academic community stakeholders and foster in them an understanding of scientific principles and methods, a command of modern technologies, a competence in critical thinking and problem solving, a commitment to life-long learning, and spirit of inquiry;
  • Sustain the science and art in research and development to strengthen the institution's educational approaches, policies and extension programs;
  • Support academic stakeholder's initiatives through quidance and coordination.

Research Center Research and Extension Office is a central component of the research and community extension undertakings of the academe. The concept of merging the two functions was developed to: (1) to stimulate and facilitate inter-discipline and inter-institutional cooperation on research and extension activities; and (2) utilize research output as an extension effort of the institution.

Research and Extension projects are not joint efforts directed toward solving defined community problems related to education. The characteristics that distinguish this merging from that of other organizations are: (1) project-focused on specific and important problems and concerns of students, faculty and staff, and lay partners; (2) projects are planned and conducted as concerted efforts in which the participating research and extension implementers are mutually responsible for accomplishing the objectives.

RESEARCH AGENDA: 2007 - 2012
Theme: Towards Excellence and Leadership in Higher Education Research

Year 1

Knowledge Transfer and Venturing Into Research Engagement
The institution shall focus in acquiring knowledge in education research and to make use of more human resources to synergize in pursuing the goal.

Year 2

Seizing research opportunities: Supporting policy and teaching practice research
This includes more funding brought forward in both by the academic and wider communities for a wider range of responsive schemes. Much of this work will be innovative and timely and will make important contributions to policy and educational practice.

Year 3

Strengthening future capacity and maximizing opportunities
Maintaining the research ability to answer research questions depends on having research-oriented staff and equipping them with the best data and latest methods in the conduct of research.

Year 4

Engagement with Stakeholders
All researches answer the important questions. Hence, the institution will ensure that breakthrough information will be known and used.

Year 5

Measuring and Improving Performance
A key part of ensuring that the institution fund research of the highest quality and implement the research agenda is the institution commitment to evaluating the outcomes of the investment, and using the results in subsequent instruction and policy reforms, and funding decisions.

Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center

St. Michael's College of Iligan City, a Catholic institution of higher learning in Iligan City, administered by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM), offering four levels of education: elementary, secondary, tertiary and graduate school.

Its programs are accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for 25 years, a silver triumph indeed!

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